About Us



Deshonica Kerrie is a Master Educator for Design Essentials as well as a Master Cosmetologist and owner of the Deshonica Kerrie brand. Deshonica Kerrie is also a motivational speaker that encourages and acknowledges Intrinsic Beauty. She has been in the Beauty Industry since 1992 and has a strong passion for the beauty industry,education, healthy living, and mentoring. Deshonica works as a hairstylist on many photos shoots that express her multiple artistic and styling talents. Her work can be seen in  many publications and media outlets.  She enjoys working as a high fashion hairstylist for fashion shows and being a host for many Natural Hair and Health Expos. Deshonica believes that understanding healthy hair starts from within.   She encourages clients and peers to live, laugh, love and have a healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission

Our mission at Deshonica Kerrie Salon is to provide elevated customer service while creating an atmosphere that enhances confidence and gives relaxation to all guests. We take pride in educating our guests to love themselves through beauty, Intrinsically. As a team, we strive to exceed not only what is expected from us, but also what we expect for ourselves.